Studio photography is meant to be expressive, fun and distinct. After all we are focused on you and only you (and maybe your family); no guests, weddings parties or activities going on. Come with you favorite outfits, your favorite poses and smiles. Relax and have fun, we’ll do the rest.

From the other side of the camera, portraiture comes with its own unique challenges. Unlike weddings and events, we usually have much less time to understand you and what will make your unique personality shine. And it is the personality that we try to uncover in our photos. No cookie-cutter and very uncomfortable pose positions that in turn make your photos look like something you pay $59 at the mall for. Though if you are looking for that, the mall is a great deal.

In a typical shoot expect an hour of photography time. Since and hour flies by in a heartbeat, come prepared already made-up (guys make-up is recommended and shave extra close unless you are going for ‘the unshaven look’). Indoor shoots typically have enough time for two to three changes. Outdoor shoot locations typically don’t have facilities or time for changes (though we have used the reflectors as a virtual changing room before). Babies and pets, come well feed and well rested, we’ll try to work with you for the best time light and sleep schedule wise (and don’t forget the treats and toys). Also if you have some poses you would like to see yourself in, please bring those samples.

For the indoor photography, we use modern cool lights (cool as in temperature and not style) because they are not only energy efficient but keep you from roasting. We’ll shoot in a range of backgrounds that best reflect your skin tone and clothing selection.

Once the shoot is done, we move into post-production. We typically shoot several shoots per pose, depending on length and duration of the shoot; it can exceed several hundred pictures. Our post-production team than has the task of going through your shoot; analyzing each shot looking several points including composition, expression, fine details and more. All photos that pass this first screening then go through color and lens correction.

In the second pass is where all the magic happens. We have several levels of secondary post-production to choose from. From the express level which cleans, adjust and crops the photo, all the way to our signature ‘Le Reve’ post-production level that turns your pictures into stunning studio art. What’s the difference, really? It is all about time. In express our studio artists will spend about two minutes cleaning up, cropping and adjust your picture. Where as our high-end post-production package our artist will spend up to an hour (or more) for ONE image. When an artist spends an hour on a single image, the results are amazing. In the top end post-production package we also offer Fusion as an option. What is fusion? Fusion bridges traditional art with photo-art creating extremely unique works that will be un-like anything you have seen or will ever see. Take you studio images and bring them to the baroque past or the anime future.