Brandy Randy


   Your wedding is a culmination of a lifetime of dreaming, months (and sometimes years) of planning, countless hours of hard work, thousands of decisions all to bring your dream into reality. We understand and appreciate this relentless pursuit of perfection and we strive equally hard to capture every vivid detail and thought you put into your lifetime event. For us this is serious business, getting it right the first time; because there are no second chances, no do-overs when it comes to your wedding.

As Ammie says, “wedding photography is one part artistry, one part science and one part passion.”

“After all we are creating a couple’s legacy through our lenses. To do that it takes more than knowing what buttons to push on a camera; we have to shoot with conviction. Knowing that we have the single most important job, documenting an event that is the bedrock for their future generations.”

“The thought of that fuels our passion and pushes our artistry to new levels.”

To be a great wedding photographer one has to be in the moment, to know about, see and appreciate every little aspect of the event. Only then can the story be told properly.

Personally shooting 30+ weddings a year, Ammie is exposed to a lot of ideas and creativity. These events has inspired Ammie to make images available online. Showcasing not only each event, but looking at these images from different themes and perspectives. This is a work in progress gallery, we will be busy processing older events into this gallery and making the new events available as soon as we complete post-event processing. We want to unlock the wealth of pictures from our hard drive arrays and make them available to brides busy planning their weddings. Ammie hopes that these images fuel new ideas and more creativity. Pictures become ideas.

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